TSD Ep 43 – ONE Condoms Canada Design Contest

In this week’s episode I had the opportunity to chat with Milla from ONE Condoms about the design contest going on right now. With Canada celebrating it’s 150th birthday, residents are getting the opportunity to design a condom wrapper that celebrates Canadian art, culture and history. With 10 winning designs, $20,000 in prizes available and 150,000 condoms donated, it’s a definitely a contest I wanted to be apart of!

Find out how Milla’s passion for sex education got her involved with ONE Condoms and what she loves about her job. She describes how ONE condoms are different, where they get their unique and fun designs from and what her role is at ONE entails. Find out how you can be apart of the Canada’s 150th design contest and submit your ideas before the contest deadline of May 23. See more at https://www.onecondoms.com/pages/contest/canada-2017

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing!

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