sex is apart of nature

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my dojo.  I am a Calgary-born half Japanese half Canadian 30 year old budding sex podcaster and sex educator.

I have been a volunteer with the Calgary Sexual Health Centre since 2009 and hired on as a Sexual Health Educator in early 2015, a previous employee of the sex positive store A Little More Interesting and graduate of Options for Sexual Health Sexual Health Educator certificate.

After being a called a pervert my whole life, because I am a lover of all things sex, I decided to start a sex podcast where I can share my knowledge and passion for everyone’s favourite subject! Subscribe to The Sex Dojo podcast on SoundCloud, iTunes or Stitcher!

Follow me here for sex positive fun with education, entertainment, interesting articles, sex tips & tricks, sex in the news, and anything & everything else related to sex.

Stay safe and have a great sex!

Pervertively yours,