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TSD Ep 51 – Oral Of The Story and Butt Stuff!

In this week’s episode, Jenna and Kiki discuss more butt stuff! This prerecorded episode from GTFOradion.com is the last radio show from Anal August.

Technology is changing on a daily basis and of course that will influence the sex toys being created. Sex robots are becoming a reality for some and so the ladies discuss their thoughts on if their partner had a sex robot.

Do you love oral sex? I think we almost all do! Find out which relationship oral sex is the most important. What do you need to know if you are curious about anilingus? What positions are best for a rim job? Have a one minute man? What can you do to make sex longer? Does it have to be over once the man ejaculates? It doesn’t have to! Get some sex toy advice from Jenna to make sure you are getting the best toy for your money and what to look for when purchasing one. If you are into butt stuff this episode is for you!

TSD Ep 49 – Jenna’s back with Pegging, Sex Toys, and The 8 Things No One Tells You About Anal Sex

After taking off some time to enjoy the summer and not posting any podcasts, Jenna is back at it! In this week’s episode (previous recorded from her radio show on GTFOradio.com every other Tuesday), Jenna and Kiki are talking more BUTT STUFF from Anal August! Did you hear about the lawsuit Usher lost and the lawsuit Taylor Swift one? Its the latest sex in the news that addresses two major sexual health issues.

Thinking about anal sex? Find out the 8 things that no one tells you about anal, we are sure to bust some myths with these! More anal sex questions came in this month so hear the advice Jenna and Kiki give to listeners who want to know which is better – a double ended dildo or a strap on? An anal plug or anal beads? The answer – depends what you are trying to achieve! All this and more in your second anal sex podcast!

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TSD Ep 45 – The Secret To Sex (as you age), Taste Insecurities, and Anal

In this week’s quickie episode, Jenna and Kiki are podcasting on the road! After teaching out of town, the ladies update you on the sex in the news and answer your questions!

Ever wonder if older folks have better sex lives? What’s their secret? It might surprise you! With everyone meeting on dating apps now, it’s no wonder new apps are trying to stick out from the crowd to help matches feel safe. Find out what the newest app is doing to help do just that. Jenna and Kiki also discuss an activity that is getting a lot of press lately and how we feel about it.

In this week’s questions, Jenna and Kiki help a women who is ashamed of her vulva because of something her partner said. Learn what advice they give in order to overcome this insecurity and things she can do to make sure her partner enjoys going down on her. If you are new to anal then you will want to tune in to hear their advice on tips for a guy who is about try anal with his anal loving girlfriend for the first time. If you have ever had an insecurity with your genitals, was curious about anal sex and want to continue having a better sex life as you age, this podcast is for you!

All this and more. Enjoy!

TSD Ep 14 – Bringing back the 69!

Another one for the sex files! I spend this episode chatting with my good friend Vicky and learning all about her sexual preferences. We discuss the specific way she masturbates, her turn ons and the noise that turns her off the most. Vicky loves sexting and we discuss why it can be great when asking for what you want in bed. A former faker, she stopped the bad habit once she figured out how to get herself off and vowed to never fake again. Find out what  she hesitates to give direction and feedback on. We break down some of the myths surrounding anal sex and give tips on how you can get ready for any type of anal play. Vicky and I couldn’t agree more on how great 69ing is and we are going to bring it back in 2016. Double the pleasure = double the fun!

Keep it sexy!

TSD Ep 9: Sex toy reviews, do’s & dont’s and FAQ

This week I talk to my previous boss and the (former) manager of A Little More Interesting (ALMI) about sex toy reviews! Being the manager of a sex store has its perks and getting free toys is definitely one of them! Danielle gives her honest opinion on 5 popular toys that are sold at ALMI so if you live in Calgary you can go out and get them. If you don’t live in Calgary you can get these toys at any sex positive store or online at some of my favourite retailers like Babeland, Good Vibrations, Adam and Eve, The Travelling Tickle Trunk, or Venus Envy.  From a butt plug, g-spot vibrator  to a remote controller vibrator to the #1 couples vibrator, this review has something for everyone. I give my two cents by advising you some do’s and don’t of sex toys so keep them in mind next time you add one to your collection, or for when you want to start one! We end the episode by answering some of our customer’s frequently asked questions.

Enjoy! 🙂

TSD Ep 4: Turn ons, butt play and fantasies

After taking a two week hiatus to respect Remembrance Day, The Sex Dojo is back with another episode! This week Monica , Roop and I discuss some of our turn ons, fantasies and Monica’s love for prostate massage.

Considering that your brain is the largest sexual organ, it’s no wonder that your mind gets most creative when it comes to sex. Fantasies are a great way to get you in the mood and provide more intimacy between you and your partner(s). Studies show that those who fantasize have sex more often, engage in a wider variety of erotic activities, have more partners, and masturbate more often than those who don’t. Everyone fantasizes even if they won’t admit it. It is a place you can imagine having sex with anyone, anywhere, in any scenario and no one ever has to find out if you don’t want to share! Fantasies can be very private and many people don’t feel comfortable being vulnerable and sharing them for fear of being judged by others. So if anyone ever divulges their deepest darkest fantasy to you, thank them for sharing! It probably took them a lot of course to tell you. If it’s not something you are into just say, “it’s not my thing” but never say anything like, “that is sick. You are twisted.” Find another fantasy you both can enjoy. This episode can get you thinking of about what fantasies might turn get your juices flowing. Don’t be ashamed, be proud of how creative you can get with with your sexual thoughts!

What’s another way to help you have better sex? Figuring out your turn ons! As Scott Haltzman, M.D., clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at Brown University once said, “knowing what will turn you on — and why — is key to a great sex life because it gives you control over your own please ,” Instead of waiting to get excited, you should learn how to make it happen.  I  encourage you to explore your own body and figure out what exactly gets you going.

Keep it sexy!

*trigger warning* we talk about rape fantasy in this episode