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TSD Ep 52 – Sexually Unfulfilled, How To Initiate Sex and Tips On How To Fist

Jenna and Kiki are back with another episode of The Sex Dojo podcast! Pre-recorded from their live radio show on GTFOradio.com every other Tuesday at 7pm MST.

A new study has come out that says how many sexual partners the average person has – think you are on par? 

Masturbation, aka solo sex, is beneficial for everyone to do. Not only does it help you understand your body and know how you like to be touched but then you can communicate that with a partner for better more pleasurable sex. But for vulva owners, masturbation is can seem daunting. If you are someone who needs help getting started or a seasoned veteran who is just looking for more tips, this guide will teach you how to touch your clitoris according to a 1000 women. Jenna and Kiki answer your listener questions which include, how to get more out of sex with a partner when it seems one-sided, tips on initiating sex and fisting 101. All this and more in this week’s episode! Enjoy!


TSD Ep 27 – Number one cheat day, grammatical sex, and pegging

In this week’s episode Jenna and Roop discuss more sex in the news and finish off Anal August with some questions about pegging. Did you know that in Britain there is one day of the year that more people cheat than any other? Any guesses what month it happens in most?  What about the second most common cheat month? With the scandal that happened to Ashley Maddison last year, its no surprise that they rebranded a bit to change up the feel to their website. Find out their new slogan! Are you someone who always notices grammatical errors? Does it bother you when you notice them on dating websites? If this sounds like you, we reveal what that says about your sex life. As the last podcast of the month, Jenna and Roop answer two listener questions about pegging. Not sure what that is or if you do maybe you want to try it with a partner but don’t know where to start. Listen to this quickie episode for some tips and advice to help you get started!