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TSD Ep 38 – Masturbation, Fantasies and Getting The Sex You Want

In this week’s episode Jenna and Roop have their last quickie episode together as Roop has decided to take  a step back as co-host. Jenna and Roop help answer some of your questions including how to deal with a boyfriend who masturbates after you fall asleep and makes you feel like he doesn’t want to have sex with you. What do you do about a boyfriend who won’t reciprocate oral sex? How do you handle your girlfriend revealing their sexual fantasies to you about wanting rough sex? Tune into this episode to find out how to communicate to your partner in order to get the sex you want and how to incorporate your partner’s sexy desires into the bedroom! Plus, find out how the relationship with your mom affects your sex life.


TSD Ep 4: Turn ons, butt play and fantasies

After taking a two week hiatus to respect Remembrance Day, The Sex Dojo is back with another episode! This week Monica , Roop and I discuss some of our turn ons, fantasies and Monica’s love for prostate massage.

Considering that your brain is the largest sexual organ, it’s no wonder that your mind gets most creative when it comes to sex. Fantasies are a great way to get you in the mood and provide more intimacy between you and your partner(s). Studies show that those who fantasize have sex more often, engage in a wider variety of erotic activities, have more partners, and masturbate more often than those who don’t. Everyone fantasizes even if they won’t admit it. It is a place you can imagine having sex with anyone, anywhere, in any scenario and no one ever has to find out if you don’t want to share! Fantasies can be very private and many people don’t feel comfortable being vulnerable and sharing them for fear of being judged by others. So if anyone ever divulges their deepest darkest fantasy to you, thank them for sharing! It probably took them a lot of course to tell you. If it’s not something you are into just say, “it’s not my thing” but never say anything like, “that is sick. You are twisted.” Find another fantasy you both can enjoy. This episode can get you thinking of about what fantasies might turn get your juices flowing. Don’t be ashamed, be proud of how creative you can get with with your sexual thoughts!

What’s another way to help you have better sex? Figuring out your turn ons! As Scott Haltzman, M.D., clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at Brown University once said, “knowing what will turn you on — and why — is key to a great sex life because it gives you control over your own please ,” Instead of waiting to get excited, you should learn how to make it happen.  I  encourage you to explore your own body and figure out what exactly gets you going.

Keep it sexy!

*trigger warning* we talk about rape fantasy in this episode