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TSD Ep 50 – How To Ask For What You Want In The Bedroom and How To Deal With Porn Issues

In this week’s episode of The Sex Dojo show recorded live from GTFOradio.com, Jenna and Kiki tackle your questions! Find out what advice they give to someone who finds maneuvering between sex positions hard and how to introduce what you want in the bedroom to a partner. Surprising them with some fantasies you want them to do isn’t the way to go about it.

Porn can be great to solo or partner sex but what do you do when it starts causing problems in the bedroom? Learn how to recover from porn addiction when its affecting your ability to orgasm with a partner. What do you do when your partner always insists on having porn on when you two get it on?


Listen to Jenna and Kiki help navigate you through the world of sex and relationships and how to come out on top with pleasure for you and your partner!

TSD Ep 46 – Life on the Swingset With Cooper S Beckett

In this week’s episode, Jenna gets the opportunity to talk with fellow podcaster and author –  Cooper S Beckett from My Life on the Swingset!

Where is the best resort for swingers and open minded individuals? Desire Resorts in Mexico of course! What keeps bringing Cooper back year after year and why is The Life on the Swingset take over so different?  As you can imagine, there is a lot of sex that happens at Desire. Cooper shares something he crossed off his sexual fuck-it list, the first time he experienced a prostate orgasm and the most common experience people were looking for. All this and more! If you ever wanted to know what goes on at a swingers resort, this podcast is for you!

For more information on Cooper, to buy his books or listen to his podcast, check out his website here.

TSD Ep 44 – Girl Talk Round Table Pt 2

This week’s episode features part two of the girls’ talk round table. This episode is just as juicy as the first one! More sexy stories of 5 women who share all the details of their favourite position, turn offs and find out the weirdest place they have ever had sex. Have you ever wondered how you would describe an orgasm to someone who has never had one? It’s not as easy as you think but these women give their best description on what an orgasm feels like to them. Can sex be just as good without an orgasm as it is with one? The ladies discuss all this and more! Don’t miss this second half of the girls’ sex talk round table!

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Thank you for all your love and support!

TSD Ep 43 – ONE Condoms Canada Design Contest

In this week’s episode I had the opportunity to chat with Milla from ONE Condoms about the design contest going on right now. With Canada celebrating it’s 150th birthday, residents are getting the opportunity to design a condom wrapper that celebrates Canadian art, culture and history. With 10 winning designs, $20,000 in prizes available and 150,000 condoms donated, it’s a definitely a contest I wanted to be apart of!

Find out how Milla’s passion for sex education got her involved with ONE Condoms and what she loves about her job. She describes how ONE condoms are different, where they get their unique and fun designs from and what her role is at ONE entails. Find out how you can be apart of the Canada’s 150th design contest and submit your ideas before the contest deadline of May 23. See more at https://www.onecondoms.com/pages/contest/canada-2017

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing!

TSD Ep 42 – Girl Talk Round Table Part 1

In this week’s episode Jenna is joined by 4 lovely ladies to talk all things sex. In episode part 1 we find out the first time they had penetrative sex, their earliest memories of masturbation and if they’ve ever been caught. What makes it the best sex ever? What is the worst sex the women ever had? Can all women squirt? What are some techniques to help those who want to achieve this phenomenon? Find all this out and more!

If you ever wanted to know how women really feel about sex, this show is for you!

A special shout out to our sponsor The Love Craft Sex Shop who is offering 15% off to listeners either online or in-store. Just mention The Sex Dojo at check out or enter SEXDOJO in the coupon code online to get your discount. With a wide variety of body safe toys, there is something for everyone!

TSD Ep 40 – The Power of Love with Calgary Queer Church

In this week’s episode Jenna chats with The Program Director from Calgary Queer Church (CQC), Pace Anhorn! This emerging church of open-minded people are passionate about living a spiritual life. It is an inclusive safe space for the LGBTQ community where faith and identity can be reconciled. Do you think because the name of the church has “queer” in it that someone has to identify as so, think again! Find out just who this church is for and how one actually “queers” a church. When the focus is more on spirituality than religion the main message Pace and his colleagues want to get across is that everyone is loved. No matter who they are, what mistakes they have made in the past, they are accepted radically there.

When you think of church and sexuality are they usually on the other ends of the spectrum? Pace discusses how he challenges what the bible says about homosexuality and his views on sex before marriage. We chat about his relationship with the church, his journey to get where he is today and to finding happiness with himself. You can find more information about what they do and when they meet here. If you have ever felt out of place in other churches or made to feel like you don’t belong, Calgary Queer Church is for you. This episode will open your mind to a new kind of spiritual community that is a safe space for people to be raw, real and loved.

TSD Ep 39 – Comfort With Oral Sex, Squirting and Rape Fantasy

*Trigger warning – this episode talks about rape fantasy*

In this week’s episode Jenna introduces her new co-host Kiki! Kiki is also a Sexual Health Educator, a lover of sex and excited to bring her positive advice to the show. In their first episode together, Jenna and Kiki have a good laugh over some sex in the news that includes a study that reveals what men and women spend money on for a date. Find out what makes you happier and healthier. Hint…it’s not sex! Are you someone who has a partner that doesn’t like oral sex? Is this a deal breaker? It doesn’t have to be. They give tips on how to make your partner more comfortable and able to enjoy oral. Curious about squirting but not sure how to do it? This episode gives tips and tricks for those who want to chase waterfalls. A listener needs help on how to fulfill his girlfriends fantasy. Rape fantasy is a common fantasy among many women but how do you navigate one without triggering someone whose been sexually assaulted in the past? Tune in for some advice on how to make this a pleasurable experience for everyone. Whether you want to perform oral sex on a partner who isn’t comfortable with it, need tips on how to squirt or how to pull off a successful fantasy, this episode is for you!

TSD Ep 37 – Empowering The Me Too’s With Brooke from Flirty Girl Guide

In this week’s episode I am super excited to chat with Brooke from Flirty Girl Guide. Brooke’s mission is to help women unlock their sexiest self and make sex something they WANT to do versus something they HAVE to do. What’s the secret to being sexy? Hint… its not a certain body or looks. Find out why her relate-ability works so well with women and why  she is empowering the “me too’s”.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, find out her favourite sex toys to use solo or with a partner.  Do you have a partner that is resistant to adding a little extra spice in the bedroom? Find out Brooke’s tips to introducing a toy without intimidating a male partner. If you are a women who has put sex on the back burner in your relationship or need help getting the sexy back, this episode is for you!



TSD Ep 35 – Interview with Upcoming Sex Educator Marshall Richey

This week Jenna talks to a fellow Sex Educator, Marshall, about his journey to want to help others.  Find out where he learned about sex and what he feels is the most important thing when it comes to sex. I bet it’s not what you think! He opens up about his past struggle with premature ejaculation and what technique he used to over come it.  Jenna shares her path to becoming a sex educator and why she is so passionate about sexual health. Marshall asks the burning sex question he has had since 17 – does size really matter? Tune in to find out the answer and hear about one man’s past to help those in the future! Check out his upcoming blog, Sexcellence, here.