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TSD Ep 48 – Anal August!

August is dubbed Anal August month! In this week’s episode (which was recorded live from their radio show on GTFOradio.com every other Tuesday, Jenna and Kiki kick off the month talking about sex in the news which happens to be related to anal sex. Have you seen the shit storm surrounding the Teen Vogue anal sex guide? If not, you can get the scoop from Jenna and Kiki and their thoughts on the article. Did you know there is a really old anal sex law in Canada? Find out what it is and what the Prime Minister has done to update it.

Many of us have had bad anal sex experience and swore it off for the rest of our lives, or heard horror stories and vowed to never try it! Find out the 10 misconceptions of anal sex! Important information to know so you can partake in the month’s festivities (only consensually of course!)

New to anal not sure what to do? What type of lube is best, how do you make your partner come from anal? Get the tips from Jenna and Kiki on everything you need to know before you begin.

If you are interested in anal sex or someone who enjoys it, you won’t want to miss this episode!

TSD Ep 1: Sex Store Virgin: I’ll be your first


It’s finally here and ready for the world to hear! This podcast has been in the making for over a year. From conceptualizing the format, thinking of a name, finding some entertaining co-hosts, figuring out how to actually record and produce a podcast to creating a website to share it, it has been quite the journey for me. For years I didn’t know what to do with my interest in sex and struggled to figure out what I could do with my passion, I finally found a medium to talk about all things sex. I listen to a number of other sex podcasts and they all seem to come from the states so it’s time we had a sex podcast from Canada. Viola! Here it is!

Being a pervert my whole life, I have always been fascinated with people’s sex stories I finally have a platform to talk about them where the rest of the world can be entertained and enjoy as well. My podcast will be a mix of entertainment and education on a variety of sex topics. From sex stories, turn ons/turn offs, kinks and fetishes, sex in the news and interviews with experts in the field, my podcast has it all!

I finally found a medium to talk about all things sex

What comes to mind when you think of a sex store? I think of the stores in seedy strip mall with covered windows, bad lighting a creepy guy behind the counter. The sex stores you wouldn’t want to be caught going into that has all their products displayed in their cheap plastic packaging. Let me start by saying those are the stores you DO NOT want to go into. Most likely the products they carry are not body safe, the clerk is less knowledgable about the products than you are and the products they sell are not high quality. A sex positive store is one that accepts all genders, all orientations, is inviting (gives off a liberating, not shameful experience), has knowledgeable staff and high quality, body safe products. In my first episode I talk about what someone could expect at a sex positive store with a previous staff member of A Little More Interesting (ALMI). We go over buying your first toy, lube 101 and dive into anal play for beginners.

Enjoy 🙂