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TSD Ep 52 – Sexually Unfulfilled, How To Initiate Sex and Tips On How To Fist

Jenna and Kiki are back with another episode of The Sex Dojo podcast! Pre-recorded from their live radio show on GTFOradio.com every other Tuesday at 7pm MST.

A new study has come out that says how many sexual partners the average person has – think you are on par? 

Masturbation, aka solo sex, is beneficial for everyone to do. Not only does it help you understand your body and know how you like to be touched but then you can communicate that with a partner for better more pleasurable sex. But for vulva owners, masturbation is can seem daunting. If you are someone who needs help getting started or a seasoned veteran who is just looking for more tips, this guide will teach you how to touch your clitoris according to a 1000 women. Jenna and Kiki answer your listener questions which include, how to get more out of sex with a partner when it seems one-sided, tips on initiating sex and fisting 101. All this and more in this week’s episode! Enjoy!


TSD Ep 50 – How To Ask For What You Want In The Bedroom and How To Deal With Porn Issues

In this week’s episode of The Sex Dojo show recorded live from GTFOradio.com, Jenna and Kiki tackle your questions! Find out what advice they give to someone who finds maneuvering between sex positions hard and how to introduce what you want in the bedroom to a partner. Surprising them with some fantasies you want them to do isn’t the way to go about it.

Porn can be great to solo or partner sex but what do you do when it starts causing problems in the bedroom? Learn how to recover from porn addiction when its affecting your ability to orgasm with a partner. What do you do when your partner always insists on having porn on when you two get it on?


Listen to Jenna and Kiki help navigate you through the world of sex and relationships and how to come out on top with pleasure for you and your partner!

TSD Ep 44 – Girl Talk Round Table Pt 2

This week’s episode features part two of the girls’ talk round table. This episode is just as juicy as the first one! More sexy stories of 5 women who share all the details of their favourite position, turn offs and find out the weirdest place they have ever had sex. Have you ever wondered how you would describe an orgasm to someone who has never had one? It’s not as easy as you think but these women give their best description on what an orgasm feels like to them. Can sex be just as good without an orgasm as it is with one? The ladies discuss all this and more! Don’t miss this second half of the girls’ sex talk round table!

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Thank you for all your love and support!

TSD Ep 42 – Girl Talk Round Table Part 1

In this week’s episode Jenna is joined by 4 lovely ladies to talk all things sex. In episode part 1 we find out the first time they had penetrative sex, their earliest memories of masturbation and if they’ve ever been caught. What makes it the best sex ever? What is the worst sex the women ever had? Can all women squirt? What are some techniques to help those who want to achieve this phenomenon? Find all this out and more!

If you ever wanted to know how women really feel about sex, this show is for you!

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TSD Ep 38 – Masturbation, Fantasies and Getting The Sex You Want

In this week’s episode Jenna and Roop have their last quickie episode together as Roop has decided to take  a step back as co-host. Jenna and Roop help answer some of your questions including how to deal with a boyfriend who masturbates after you fall asleep and makes you feel like he doesn’t want to have sex with you. What do you do about a boyfriend who won’t reciprocate oral sex? How do you handle your girlfriend revealing their sexual fantasies to you about wanting rough sex? Tune into this episode to find out how to communicate to your partner in order to get the sex you want and how to incorporate your partner’s sexy desires into the bedroom! Plus, find out how the relationship with your mom affects your sex life.


TSD Ep 33 – To Have Or Not to Have… Pubic Hair & A Guy Who Can’t Ejaculate With His Partner

In today’s quickie episode Jenna and Roop discuss sex in the news that includes a guy in Kenya who has a rare disease that has caused his penis to swell to the size of a baby. We are constantly told to get 6-8 hours of sleep every night, have more sex and to work out daily but when is the best time to do it? Is it the same for everyone? According to science and a new book called The Power of When, it tells you exactly when to do those things. You can take a quiz to find out your chronotype and learn when to do almost anything! Ever been conflicted about what to do with your pubic hair? Everyone has their preferences with how they like it on a partner (full bush, trimmed, bare, etc), Jenna and Roop give some advice to a woman whose BF has an issue with it. What happens if you have no problem coming alone but when another person, like your partner is added, you can’t? This is a common problem many have, listen for some advice on how to deal with it!

TSD Ep 31 – Religious masturbator and a squirter

This week was the ONE year anniversary for The Sex Dojo podcast! Jenna gives a shout out to all her listeners who have supported her over the last year by subscribing to the podcast, emailing questions and feedback and following her on social media. The podcast would be nothing if it wasn’t for her listeners.

In this week’s quickie episode Roop and Jenna discuss the latest sex in the news and answer some listener questions. Is frequent sex better for men or women? For one, more sex definitely has its benefits. For the other who are aged 57-84 double their risk of these conditions to those who went without it. Which porn site had it’s users information leaked?

Do you have a partner that doesn’t like you watching porn? We get a question from a guy who watches porn but his religious girlfriend doesn’t approve. What can he do about it? What is squirting? Is it urine, is it not? Find out what advice we give to a listener who is hoping to squirt with their partner. Check it out!

TSD Ep 11: Worst types of sex partners, naming your privates, craziest hook-ups

Happy New Years sexy ninjas! For the first episode to kick off 2016, Jenna, Monica and Roop finish off their hilarious conversation with their special guest Stu. He dishes on his turn ons, gives you his best blow job tips (which is how Monica got so good) and kinky past partners. Roop lets us in on a Calgary secret about a rumoured sex club hidden in the basement of a place we all know and love. And with some help from Cracked.com I discuss some of the worst types of sex partners and we share our experiences with each. Find out if you have encountered any in your sexual past or if your with one now! If so, it’s a new year meaning a new you and one without bad sex partners! As we know, masturbation techniques can vary from person to person so when Stu find’s out how Roop has been doing it all along, he can’t help contain his amusement. We end the episode with our thoughts on masturbation at your parents house and our craziest hook-up so far.

Hope your 2016 is starting off to be a sexy one!

TSD Ep 2: Masturbation, porn and getting caught

Here is a little birthday present from me to you! Even though I should be the one getting gifts on my birthday haha. If you listen to my podcast, like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter, I will consider a birthday gift from you. It’s a win-win for everyone. Not only am I launching my podcast on my birthday but as a bonus I am launching with two episodes! In this episode you will be introduced to my co-hosts Roop and Monica. I delve into their sex lives and find out what they like behind close doors. What was their earliest memory of being sexual? What kind of porn do they like? They share stories of getting caught and one night stands. Talking about sex with your friends is always entertaining and hearing about other people’s sex stories is my favourite past time. Get ready to laugh!

Keep it sexy!