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TSD Ep 36 – Sex toys not welcomed, mismatched libidos and lesbian porn

In this week’s episode, Roop surprises Jenna with his thoughtful answers to listener questions. Co-hosting the podcast has made him pick up a few things along the way! Do you have a partner that doesn’t like sex toys and not sure how to handle it? Is it sex toys vs them? Doesn’t have to be! We give advice on how to talk to your partner about introducing sex toys to your sex life and how it can enhance, not hinder it. What’s the solution to a couple who is experiencing mismatched libidos? Not always wanting sex at the same time as your partner is a common issue couples go through and there are a few things couples can do to make this work.

What do you do if you find out your straight girlfriend watches lesbian porn? Is it something to be concerned about? Whether you are a toy lover who has (or had) a partner who wasn’t as happy to have the extra help in the bedroom, have ever experienced mismatched libidos with a partner or found out your partner watches porn that surprises you, this episode is for you!

TSD Ep 20 – Sex counselling with Cece

I am back! After a 7 week hiatus the podcast is finally up again! I had major issues with my internet and it was a whole fiasco trying to get it set up. But that is in the past and I can finally post podcasts again….hooray! I would like to apologize to all my listeners for the long break and appreciate those who have been waiting patiently for my next post. The wait is finally over.

This week’s episode is with Sex Counsellor/Sex Educator Cece Wiens who gives her professional input on top reasons people go see a counsellor and what a counsellor is actually thinking when they see you.  Mismatched libidos, spicing things up in the bedroom and having performance issues are a few of the complaints sex counsellors hear all the time. Cece gives her professional advice and I give my two cents on feelings for each. I loved getting inside the mind of a counsellor to hear how she has felt with some of her previous clients. Trying to change your partner, technology in the bedroom and trying to make your spouse look bad? Cece tells you her thoughts on these and more. I can’t be the only one who has wondered what a professional has thought about them. Find out how Cece and I became connected and just what Sex Geekdom is all about for any sex geeks in Calgary. People can find Cece on Twitter at @logicalsexpert. Enjoy the first episode back after my hiatus!

It feels good to be back 🙂




TSD Ep 5: Orgasms, Kegels and HIV

In this weeks episode Jenna catches up and Monica and Roop to hear what has been going on in their sex lives the last few weeks. Monica shares some exciting news with her current bed buddy but has some concerns about a particular disposal method with the condom. Roop gives a review on his 30th birthday present – the fleshlight! Does he think its just as good as the real thing?  We update you on the latest sex in the news including the drop in users on Pornhub because of this game release, the new way you can charge your electronics that benefit from masturbation, and the sexy party Marc Jacobs threw. Jenna gives a lesson on HIV as a result of Charlie Sheen’s recent revelation. We also answer some of your questions on how to get a tighter vagina, penis pleasure points, what to do if you and your partner want sex at different times of the day and how to orgasm during sex. Something for everyone in this episode.

Keep it sexy!