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TSD Ep 47 – Dirty Talk, Premature Ejaculation and Waiting Until Marriage

In this week’s episode Jenna and Kiki are discussing the latest sex in the news and answering your listener questions!

Have you ever had a partner ask you something to do during sex that caught you off guard? What does it mean if its the first time you’ve had this request after years of sex together? How do you get started with dirty talk? What are things you can say if you’ve never done it before and don’t know where to begin? Problems with pre-ejacualting are super common, what can someone do if it happens to them or their partner? Hint – it’s not the end of the world, or sex for that matter! Should you wait until marriage to have sex or do it now? Jenna and Kiki weigh in on what they think about saving sex. All this and more!

This show is actually a recording of their live radio show every other Tuesday night at 7pm MST on gtforadio.com. You can listen to them live online, chat with them or call in with your questions. If you miss them live you can check out their show posted later that week. Thank you to all the listeners who have made getting an internet radio show a possibility! Keep sending them your questions to thesexdojo@gmail.com, follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

TSD Ep 35 – Interview with Upcoming Sex Educator Marshall Richey

This week Jenna talks to a fellow Sex Educator, Marshall, about his journey to want to help others.  Find out where he learned about sex and what he feels is the most important thing when it comes to sex. I bet it’s not what you think! He opens up about his past struggle with premature ejaculation and what technique he used to over come it.  Jenna shares her path to becoming a sex educator and why she is so passionate about sexual health. Marshall asks the burning sex question he has had since 17 – does size really matter? Tune in to find out the answer and hear about one man’s past to help those in the future! Check out his upcoming blog, Sexcellence, here.

TSD Ep 19 – Ejaculating too quickly, sexually incompatible and orgasming too quickly

In this week’s episode Roop and I discuss the latest sex in the news including a revelation, a new dating that uses pheromones to match potential mates, and a story about Hitler’s penis. We also discuss the  amazing news about the first penis transplant to happen in the US. In the second part of the episode we answer some listener questions. What can someone do if you or your partner ejaculates prematurely? Learn some techniques to try and last longer! What happened when you are sexually incompatible with a partner? Is it a lost cause or can you do things to try and improve it? If the sparks don’t fly in the beginning is it doomed? I weigh in how important I think sex is in a relationship and Roop gives his thoughts.  Vaginal dryness is a common problem among vagina owners. Find out some possible causes and treatments so you can still have enjoyable sex that doesn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable. And finally we answer a question on how to help a  girlfriend orgasm. Tips for both the female and the partner. This one is chalk full of information to have everyone.

Stay sexy!