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TSD Ep 47 – Dirty Talk, Premature Ejaculation and Waiting Until Marriage

In this week’s episode Jenna and Kiki are discussing the latest sex in the news and answering your listener questions!

Have you ever had a partner ask you something to do during sex that caught you off guard? What does it mean if its the first time you’ve had this request after years of sex together? How do you get started with dirty talk? What are things you can say if you’ve never done it before and don’t know where to begin? Problems with pre-ejacualting are super common, what can someone do if it happens to them or their partner? Hint – it’s not the end of the world, or sex for that matter! Should you wait until marriage to have sex or do it now? Jenna and Kiki weigh in on what they think about saving sex. All this and more!

This show is actually a recording of their live radio show every other Tuesday night at 7pm MST on gtforadio.com. You can listen to them live online, chat with them or call in with your questions. If you miss them live you can check out their show posted later that week. Thank you to all the listeners who have made getting an internet radio show a possibility! Keep sending them your questions to thesexdojo@gmail.com, follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

TSD Ep 33 – To Have Or Not to Have… Pubic Hair & A Guy Who Can’t Ejaculate With His Partner

In today’s quickie episode Jenna and Roop discuss sex in the news that includes a guy in Kenya who has a rare disease that has caused his penis to swell to the size of a baby. We are constantly told to get 6-8 hours of sleep every night, have more sex and to work out daily but when is the best time to do it? Is it the same for everyone? According to science and a new book called The Power of When, it tells you exactly when to do those things. You can take a quiz to find out your chronotype and learn when to do almost anything! Ever been conflicted about what to do with your pubic hair? Everyone has their preferences with how they like it on a partner (full bush, trimmed, bare, etc), Jenna and Roop give some advice to a woman whose BF has an issue with it. What happens if you have no problem coming alone but when another person, like your partner is added, you can’t? This is a common problem many have, listen for some advice on how to deal with it!

TSD Ep 8: Part 2 – Fact or fiction, faking orgasm and penis questions

This week’s episode is part 2 of blow jobs, giving directions and body piercings . Monica, Roop and I play Fact or Fiction and bust some common sex myths. Do you know the etymology of the word vanilla is? What about the body part that’s only function is pleasure? Listen in and find out the answers and other common myths floating around.

Test your sex knowledge and see how much you really know! In the second half of the show we dive into some of the listeners questions. How can you have sex with a curved penis? Its much easier than you think and a great way to get creative and try out different positions! We give suggestions on how to get your freak on with curved penises AND small ones…there are positions for every type of penis and we will tell you the best ones to try. Now that you have the positions down, how do you come clean to your partner that you have been faking orgasm? It is something most of us have done but it doesn’t do anyone any good. One can be left unsatisfied while the other is left feeling accomplished. We discuss how to come clean  with your partner so you both can experience an orgasm together.

This episode is filled with information, sex positions, advice and tons of laughs. Keep it sexy!