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TSD Ep 36 – Sex toys not welcomed, mismatched libidos and lesbian porn

In this week’s episode, Roop surprises Jenna with his thoughtful answers to listener questions. Co-hosting the podcast has made him pick up a few things along the way! Do you have a partner that doesn’t like sex toys and not sure how to handle it? Is it sex toys vs them? Doesn’t have to be! We give advice on how to talk to your partner about introducing sex toys to your sex life and how it can enhance, not hinder it. What’s the solution to a couple who is experiencing mismatched libidos? Not always wanting sex at the same time as your partner is a common issue couples go through and there are a few things couples can do to make this work.

What do you do if you find out your straight girlfriend watches lesbian porn? Is it something to be concerned about? Whether you are a toy lover who has (or had) a partner who wasn’t as happy to have the extra help in the bedroom, have ever experienced mismatched libidos with a partner or found out your partner watches porn that surprises you, this episode is for you!

TSD Ep 14 – Bringing back the 69!

Another one for the sex files! I spend this episode chatting with my good friend Vicky and learning all about her sexual preferences. We discuss the specific way she masturbates, her turn ons and the noise that turns her off the most. Vicky loves sexting and we discuss why it can be great when asking for what you want in bed. A former faker, she stopped the bad habit once she figured out how to get herself off and vowed to never fake again. Find out what  she hesitates to give direction and feedback on. We break down some of the myths surrounding anal sex and give tips on how you can get ready for any type of anal play. Vicky and I couldn’t agree more on how great 69ing is and we are going to bring it back in 2016. Double the pleasure = double the fun!

Keep it sexy!

TSD Ep 13: Sex resolutions for 2016 and things to add to your sexual bucket list

How many times have you made promising resolutions at the beginning of every year to do better or be better and never end up sticking with them? I know I have! How about I suggest some resolutions that will make your sex life better that you will actually want to stick with! My friend Vicky and I discuss sex resolutions to work on this year in order to improve your sex life. Once we have agreed to work on a  bunch of things to make our sex lives better, we discuss some things to add to your sexual bucket list. They say variety is the spice of life and its time to change things up and try something new! Expanding your sexual repertoire can be fun solo or with a partner to try new ways to get off. Having a threesome has always been on the top of many people’s bucket lists so if its right for you and your partner (if you have one) I suggest you give it a go! Double the pleasure = double the fun! We discuss some boundaries to set if you are adding a third party to your relationship and some advice for an exit strategy.

More pleasure and more orgasms should be on everyone’s bucket list year after year! Listen up, take notes and have some sexy fun this year!


TSD Ep 5: Orgasms, Kegels and HIV

In this weeks episode Jenna catches up and Monica and Roop to hear what has been going on in their sex lives the last few weeks. Monica shares some exciting news with her current bed buddy but has some concerns about a particular disposal method with the condom. Roop gives a review on his 30th birthday present – the fleshlight! Does he think its just as good as the real thing?  We update you on the latest sex in the news including the drop in users on Pornhub because of this game release, the new way you can charge your electronics that benefit from masturbation, and the sexy party Marc Jacobs threw. Jenna gives a lesson on HIV as a result of Charlie Sheen’s recent revelation. We also answer some of your questions on how to get a tighter vagina, penis pleasure points, what to do if you and your partner want sex at different times of the day and how to orgasm during sex. Something for everyone in this episode.

Keep it sexy!


Halloween tricks and tips to spice up the bedroom

I love Halloween! What’s not to like? As a kid you got to dress up, stay up late and go door to door and get free candy!! Its the only time you are permitted to take candy from strangers haha. As adults you get to dress up and go out and celebrate. There is something about dressing up at parties that instantly make it more fun. It also happens to be the only time you can dress in sexy costumes and go out in public without people slut shaming you because everyone is dressing up as well.

Did you know the day after Halloween is the best time to get cheap sexy outfits for your sexual role-play?!  Don’t let your costumes collect dust all year round. You can use your halloween props and outfits to spice up your sex life. Dressing up allows you to be someone else and gives you a boost of confidence especially if you dress in something sexy. If its not something you do regularly its a novelty that increases the dopamine in your brain. More dopamine=better sex!

Halloween is a great way to explore your fantasies and finding the perfect outfit can make this a reality! Where is the best place to bring up this talk? Anywhere but the bedroom. While you are having breakfast, carpooling to work or via text message. Talk about fantasies, desires and wants in a neutral, pressure free zone where you wont feel the need to act on it at that moment. Ask your partner(s) what you like and listen to what each person has to say. Not sure how to start the convo? Say something like, “you know what would be really hot? If I dressed up as a nurse and you were my patient” or “If I dressed up as a doctor and you were my nurse” or whatever the scenario if that you want to act out. Talking about what you want in bed can be one of the hardest things for people to do. Never judge something your partner discloses to you. No one likes to get shut down so if your partner reveals something they are interested in, do your best to be be supportive. I am not saying you have to be down with everything they want to try but this is a great time to discuss what you are/aren’t comfortable with. Encourage each other to open up and you will both enjoy the experience more.

More dopamine=better sex!

Not only is Halloween a goldmine for getting sexy outfits, its also a great time to get sex props. A few of the them include; sexy stockings. Lots of folks get turned on by fishnets but have you ever tried using them to tie your partners hands? What about wrapping them around your partners shaft for added friction or pulling it taught and gently running it over their clitoris? Something new to try with stockings you might not have thought about. Another great prop are wigs. What better halloween prop to give you a new personality. Maybe you always wanted to see if blondes really do have more fun, or maybe you are a natural blonde and want to take a walk-on the dark side but don’t want to commit. Get a wig and play out your fantasy for a night and step into a new role. And finally, try a sexy mask. It’s the next closest thing to a blindfold and can add a bit of mystery and help you get into character when you have something to hide behind if you are not super confident.

They say the best foreplay starts after the last orgasm. Building anticipation with a sexy text message, a little snapchat of your costume (maybe the wig you plan to wear that night) can really have you looking forward to your evening. Men are visual creatures and women have reported to feel more sexually confident when they dress up or wear something sexy. It is a win-win for all parties!

Now that we have the costumes, its time to get to the play! Cosmo has put out a list of 8 Utterly Bewitching Halloween Sex Positions for you to try.

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