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TSD Ep 39 – Comfort With Oral Sex, Squirting and Rape Fantasy

*Trigger warning – this episode talks about rape fantasy*

In this week’s episode Jenna introduces her new co-host Kiki! Kiki is also a Sexual Health Educator, a lover of sex and excited to bring her positive advice to the show. In their first episode together, Jenna and Kiki have a good laugh over some sex in the news that includes a study that reveals what men and women spend money on for a date. Find out what makes you happier and healthier. Hint…it’s not sex! Are you someone who has a partner that doesn’t like oral sex? Is this a deal breaker? It doesn’t have to be. They give tips on how to make your partner more comfortable and able to enjoy oral. Curious about squirting but not sure how to do it? This episode gives tips and tricks for those who want to chase waterfalls. A listener needs help on how to fulfill his girlfriends fantasy. Rape fantasy is a common fantasy among many women but how do you navigate one without triggering someone whose been sexually assaulted in the past? Tune in for some advice on how to make this a pleasurable experience for everyone. Whether you want to perform oral sex on a partner who isn’t comfortable with it, need tips on how to squirt or how to pull off a successful fantasy, this episode is for you!

TSD Ep 31 – Religious masturbator and a squirter

This week was the ONE year anniversary for The Sex Dojo podcast! Jenna gives a shout out to all her listeners who have supported her over the last year by subscribing to the podcast, emailing questions and feedback and following her on social media. The podcast would be nothing if it wasn’t for her listeners.

In this week’s quickie episode Roop and Jenna discuss the latest sex in the news and answer some listener questions. Is frequent sex better for men or women? For one, more sex definitely has its benefits. For the other who are aged 57-84 double their risk of these conditions to those who went without it. Which porn site had it’s users information leaked?

Do you have a partner that doesn’t like you watching porn? We get a question from a guy who watches porn but his religious girlfriend doesn’t approve. What can he do about it? What is squirting? Is it urine, is it not? Find out what advice we give to a listener who is hoping to squirt with their partner. Check it out!

TSD Ep 16 – The finer things in life. A peak inside the sex life of a Calgarian Escort Pt 1

Have you ever been curious to know what type of client a sex worker gets? What about the kinds of requests they might be asked? I get the opportunity to speak with a former sex worker in Calgary and find out why she got started in the business and hear about her first time with a client. Hayley shares with us the requests she wouldn’t do, the type of client she typically went for, and her best and worst client. She lets us know that penis size is not the most important thing in a partner and her experience with squirting and how she feels everyone can do it if they practice enough.  We also discuss 10 Fascinating things science taught us in 2016 according to playboy.com . Enjoy this behind the scenes sneak peak!